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The Red Cross are Teamsters

Red Cross Workers In St. Louis Vote To Join Teamsters Local 682

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Dec 19, 2018

This post was written by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

Mobile blood collections staff at the American Red Cross in St. Louis, Missouri, voted 32-1 yesterday to become members of Teamsters Local 682.

The group of 44 workers is seeking affordable health insurance and a voice to increase equality and fairness in the workplace. They're also looking forward to a contract that provides stability and consistency on the job.

"We're very happy to have more Red Cross workers join the Teamster family here in Missouri," said Ed Kimbrell, President of Local 682 in St. Louis. "Through partnering with the Teamsters Public Services Division and the Organizing Department, we were able to achieve a victory for the working men and women of the Red Cross, who are a vital component of our community and deserve respect and fairness in the workplace."

"My co-workers and I are very excited to be Teamsters and are thrilled by the near-unanimous vote," said Robert Zalinsky, a Red Cross collections specialist. "We are looking forward to negotiating a contract that is beneficial for both employees and the mission of the American Red Cross."

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