News From: Safety

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 09, 2019

Walmart Employees Hold Walkout Over Gun Sales

After the recent shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, the company is coming under fire for their decision to continue to sell guns. This week that pressure was increased as some of their employees held...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 05, 2019

Connecting Trump to El Paso Mass Shooting

Just days after one of the deadliest weekend’s in recent times, more is coming to light about the shooters involved in Saturday/Sunday’s mass shootings. One thing that is becoming clear...

by Press and Media | on Aug 01, 2019

MAGA Hat Wearer Gets Ass Kicked in NYC

Being a Trump supporter isn't only bad for our country, it is bad for your health. One supporter found out the hard way when he was allegedly beaten up for wearing a MAGA hat.

by Brian Young | on Jul 18, 2019

Rand Paul Blocks 9/11 Victims Fund Bill

Nearly 18 years after the 9/11 attacks, over 50,0000 first responders and construction workers are still dealing with the health effects of the attack. To help these men and women deal with the...

by Guest Post | on May 22, 2019

Teamsters Oppose Letting Teens Drive Big Rigs

The following is a statement from Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa about a proposed federal pilot program that would allow drivers as young as 18 to transport goods via trucks in interstate...

by Press and Media | on May 03, 2019

Under Trump, Hate Crimes Increase

Over the past year, the NYPD has seen a 67% increase in hate crimes, with many being anti-Semitic attacks. Find out more below from AMNY.

by Kris LaGrange | on May 02, 2019

Florida Dumb: Law to Arm Teachers

With the entire nation on pins and needles over school shootings, this generation is experiencing a tragedy that no other generation has. As a parent of two young school-aged kids, every morning I am...

by Daniel Hinton | on May 01, 2019

Deadliest Jobs in America

Fishing, logging, oil and coal mining, truckers, pilots, farmers, and landscapers. By all means, keep reading. Workers’ Memorial Day (April 28) appropriately fell on a Sunday this year. All...

by AFL-CIO | on May 01, 2019

Tell the Truth Marriott

Marriott International, the biggest hotel chain in the world, is hiding the truth about the dangers its workers face. UNITE HERE members are demanding that the company comes clean...

by Guest Post | on Apr 25, 2019

The Dirty Dozen of Bad Employers

This post was written by the National COSH. The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) announced today “The Dirty Dozen” employers of 2019, highlighting...