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News From: Safety

by Brian Young | on Oct 09, 2020

Fatal Houston Building Collapse: Non-Union Subcontractor

Three workers have died, and another was injured, after a partial collapse of the future Marathon Oil and Gas Headquarters in Houston. The collapse happened as 240 workers were building the 15-story...

by Brian Young | on Sep 29, 2020

House Bill Would Ban Asbestos After Trump Deregulated It

Although the health dangers of asbestos have been known for years, it is still legal to import and use the dangerous substance in the United States. However, a bill in Congress would change that and...

by Brian Young | on Sep 14, 2020

Trump's OSHA: $1,875 per Meatpacker Death

At 7:15 PM on a Friday, OSHA announced that they have fined another meatpacking company for failing to protect their workers from COVID-19. As UCOMM reported, earlier in the week, OSHA had announced...

by Guest Post | on Sep 11, 2020

Firefighters Union Outraged at Trump

Following reports that the Trump Administration has been siphoning money from the federal fund to take care of sick and dying first responders to the 9/11 attacks, the International Association of...

by Kris LaGrange | on Sep 10, 2020

Trump's OSHA: 3k per COVID Death

What is the value of a worker’s life during the COVID-19 crisis? The answer from OSHA seems to be $13,494.

by Brian Young | on Sep 04, 2020

Companies Issue COVID Gag Orders

As companies bring their staff back to work, some big companies are beginning to institute new procedures. In addition to wearing masks, socially distancing, and adding things like plexiglass...

by Brian Young | on Aug 21, 2020

Trump's NLRB Bans Bargaining for COVID-19 Safety

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has released a series of decisions regarding COVID-19. These decisions are the first guidance that the board has given since the pandemic started in March.

by Brian Young | on Aug 19, 2020

NYC Teachers Issue Strike Threat

New York City is the only big school district in the country that is scheduled to reopen in September for in-person classes. While New York has one of the lowest transmission rates in the country,...

by Brian Young | on Aug 14, 2020

Mayors Trying to Bust Police Unions

After months of protests around police brutality, the U.S. Conference of Mayors has released a report attacking police union’s collective bargaining agreements.

by Brian Young | on Aug 06, 2020

NYC School Plan Puts Teachers at Risk

New York City is set to open schools in just a few weeks with some in-person classes. The plan, which was submitted to the Governor’s office for approval, would include a mix of in-person...