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United Steel Workers

Steel Workers Beat Big Oil

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Mar 13, 2015

A huge victory was announced today as the United Steel Workers reached a tentative agreement to end their oil strike.  United Steel Workers have been on strike for the last 6 weeks, over concerns about safety.  The tentative contract is for four years and establishes Shell Oil as the pattern for the industry.  United Steel Workers president Leo Gerard says he salutes the solidarity demonstrated by the membership during the strike and said there’s no way the union could have won vast improvements in safety and staffing without that solidarity.  This victory is especially sweet since most of the workers on strike resided in Right to Work states. The United Steel Workers say the agreement calls for joint review on the local level with United Steel safety personnel involved at every facility. Annual wage increases were won and the current health care plan cost-sharing ratio was maintained. The next step is for Shell to put this agreement on on all of the Shell and Motiva bargaining tables around the country and then the United Steel Workers membership will be asked to ratify a pattern agreement for the United Steel Workers represented oil industry.

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