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Taking on UPS for More Affordable Retiree Healthcare

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Oct 08, 2015

Local 804 won a $4,000 pension. Now we are fighting to reduce the cost of retiree healthcare to make it even easier for you to retire.

Local 804 has proposed reducing the cost of retiree healthcare to $200 per month for individual coverage, $300 for member and spouse coverage, and $450 for family coverage.

Under the law, the company controls half of the Trustees on our Health Fund. UPS has used that power to stonewall and block the improvements.

Local 804 is taking this fight to the next level. On November 23, we are taking this fight to arbitration where we will win improvements that cut the cost of retiree healthcare.

We won higher pensions. We saved 25 & Out benefits and increased them. Lowering the cost of retiree healthcare is the last step in our three-point plan to protect your right to early retirement.

“Last year, we won a $4,000 pension. Reducing the cost of retiree healthcare is like winning another pension increase. We’re standing up to UPS and it’s paying off.” said Al Johnson, Maspeth Feeders

“Let’s face it. UPS doesn’t want us to be able to retire with a good pension and retiree healthcare. They’ve fought us every step of the way. We beat them at contract time and won a great pension—and we’ll beat them on retiree healthcare too.” said Dennis McCarthy, Suffolk Package

Stay tuned for updates on the fight for more affordable healthcare. United, we win!


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