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Tough Times Don't Last But Tough People Do

Steve Flanagan's picture
Nov 02, 2012

Message from Business Manager Steve Flanagan: I know that some of you are still without power like myself. We have been through so much these past couple of days. Recently we have learned that there is a gas shortage. Thousands are still living in cold dark homes and people are losing their patience. We know that the cops, firefighters, nurses and utility workers are working around the clock and as hard as they can. If there is one thing that we can find comfort in it's this; Tough times don't last, but tough people do! We are the General Building and Construction Laborers Local 66...the Building Trades Finest. You won't see it on News 12 or in Newsday, but how many of us helped the old lady across the street or lent a neighbor a hand. When in line for gas or water or batteries, the way we conduct ourselves, our patience - it shows our true character. We won't let our emotions get the best of us. Lives were lost this week and things could've been much worse for us. I know right now as union members - we will be called on to lead the rebuilding process. When that time comes we will be ready, until then, we are by nature leaders in our community. Go out and do good, represent our union with pride and distinction and as always be safe out there. The way in which we all conduct ourselves now during this very trying time on Long Island will define our reputation in the community for months and years to come. God Bless and be safe.


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