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UAW Locals Move to Impeach Their President

Led by Local 259 New York, corruption in Detroit an "embarrassment"

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Nov 18, 2019

UAW International President Gary Jones has taken a leave of absence. Now, with the leadership of members of Local 259 in New York a movement to permanently remove Jones as President has been growing.

The movement from several locals is to institute Article 32 Section 5 B and Article 30 against Jones. Article 32 of the UAW constitution allows any member, with the support of their local, to file a complaint against an employee of the union. The complaint would be filed with Acting President Rory Gamble who would then send it to the Public Review Board for a formal hearing and punishment. Currently, an Article 32 complaint has been filed by UAW Local 259. You can see that complaint below.

There is also a growing movement to file an Article 30 complaint. This requires 10 local unions to support it and has the power to remove Jones from the union. According to the UAW constitution if 10 locals support an Article 30, then the International Secretary-Treasurer must call a meeting of the International Executive Board (IEB) within 10 days of the complaint. The IEB will then select the names of 50 members, who served as convention delegates, to form the Trial Committee. This committee will then hold a hearing and decide on the punishment. A 2/3 vote is needed. If an Article 30 is filed Jones could not only be removed from office, but also banished from the UAW. An Article 30 would remove all UAW benefits from Jones, takeaway his union card, and prevent him from ever being a member of the UAW or of a UAW Retirees chapter. In the 84 year history of the union, an Article 30 charge has never been brought. Sources have told UCOMM that currently, more than enough Locals nation-wide are organizing to file an Article 30 Section 1 b. which would effectively impeach and remove Jones forever. This is a work in progress but has huge momentum especially since Jones was granted a paid leave. Sources have asked us to withhold which locals are organizing at this time. That information will be available in the very near future.

The fact that this charge is being considered shows how angry the members are with the multi-year investigation into Jones and his cohorts. The scandal has now caught up dozens of union officials and forced Jones's predecessor, Dennis Williams to step down.

According to the Article 32 complaint, filed by UAW 259’s Second Vice President Michael J. Digiuseppe the charges against Jones put the UAW’s reputation and financial security at risk. The complaint reads;

“This reckless, outrageous and self-serving conduct has not only brought a swirl of controversy, shame and embarrassment to our IUAW but also the known and unknown monetary costs which threatens the financial position of the Union as its certain that financial resources will be necessarily spent from the union’s treasury in order to protect and preserve the integrity of the IUAW. These monetary resources were originally purposed for organizing, collective bargaining and to provide services to each member of the IUAW thus this in itself is a theft from the membership.”

Sources have told UCOMM that the International may attempt to stop the Article 30 and 32 moves by removing Jones from office. While that would be an important step towards gaining back some accountability, the membership is so angry that a public trial might be needed to restore some trust back into the IEB.

It is our job at UCOMMBlog to report news that is brought to us by credible sources. Even though we pride ourselves in reporting positive news, when an elected union leader reaches out for our assistance, especially when dealing with blatant corruption, we would be remiss to not offer assistance.


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