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UAW Reaches Contract Agreement with GM

The strike will continue until the National Council votes on the agreement

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Oct 16, 2019

After thirty-one days on strike, the United Autoworkers and General Motors announced that a Proposed Tentative Agreement has been reached. While this is great news for the striking union members, it does not mean an immediate end to the strike.

The agreement must now be considered by the UAW GM National Council who will decide whether to send the agreement out for a vote of the general membership or reject it and restart negotiations. The Council is expected to consider the contract on Thursday, October 17th. If they recommend a full membership vote, the strike is likely to stop. However, the strike could continue if the Council rejects the offer.  It is expected to take up to two weeks for a full vote by the membership on the contract.

Since the contract is not yet approved by the Council, the UAW is refusing to comment on specifics in the contract. However, according to CNBC, GM will invest between $7 billion and $7.7 billion in manufacturing operations and will add thousands of new hourly union positions in the United States over the next four years. CNBC is also reporting that GM will maintain its “gold standard” healthcare with employees covering 3% of the total costs.

“The dignity, grace, and solidarity demonstrated by our members during the last few weeks are prime examples of what this union is all about — supporting one another in the good and bad times and never giving up,” said UAW President Gary Jones. “Our more than 48,000 members standing their ground have captured the hearts and minds of people across this country. I could not be prouder of our brothers and sisters, our National Negotiators, and the National Council as they continue to fight one day longer to secure the best deal for our members,” said Jones.

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