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The UFC is Unionbusting

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Sep 10, 2015

After the Teamsters Union and the Culinary Union announced last month that they had been asked by UFC fighters to help organize, the UFC is responding with two letters of its own.  In a letter that was sent to their roster of fighters, the UFC stated that joining the union could change everything and that the union wants to treat the fighters like employees.  While the UFC clearly doesn’t understand how unions work, i.e. the union works for the members not the other way around, this is a sad departure from previous statements made by executives in the company who had stated that they would have no role in supporting or blocking an organizing effort. The overarching theme of the messages was that fighters organizing would take away their individual power and make them submissive to the union. This coming from a company that holds almost all the power over fighters and has been accused by the Teamsters of underpaying its roster, from the top stars on down.  To elicit this kind of response, the unions must be doing something right.

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