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Local 3 IBEW

Union Apprentice Saves a Life

Young Local 3 IBEW Apprentice is honored for saving a fellow electrician

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Mar 17, 2021

The IBEW Life Saving Award is the highest honor bestowed by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. It recognizes an IBEW member or non-member in the saving of a human life — “one of the greatest achievements on this earth” as the award says.

At the General Membership Meeting of Local Union No. 3, IBEW on March 11, 1st-year apprentice Devon Brummell received the Life Saving Award in recognition of his heroic actions on the job. While working for Allan Briteway Electrical Contractors at the Turkish embassy in Manhattan on November 2, 2020, Devon saved a Local 3 brother who started choking during their midday lunch break. Devon intervened immediately and, standing behind his co-worker, he applied pressure on his chest. After seven or eight pushes, the item was dislodged and everyone could breathe a sigh of relief.

The incident occurred on the same day Devon received his union card.  As an apprentice, he is taking classes at the Electrical Industry Training Center, which include CPR and safety training. Some of his fellow apprentices were in attendance at the General Membership Meeting for the special occasion.

Devon addressed the General Membership Meeting and thanked Local Union No. 3 and the IBEW for their recognition. “I would've done it for any brother or sister,” Devon said.


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