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Union Busters Going Door to Door

Janus group New Choices NY were caught knocking on doors in Upstate NY, is your house next?

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Dec 21, 2018

Six months after the Janus decision, public sector unions from around the country have said that a strong organizing campaign caused them lose very few members. In New York, the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) have lost only about 4% of their members.

The loss of just a few percent of bad members has conservative groups worried. They have spent millions of dollars and decades of time trying to break public sector unions. Right after the Janus decision, conservative groups in free bargaining states even began canvassing and emailing union members encouraging them to opt-out, but they seem to have stopped that once the summer ended. However, reports from NYSUT indicate that after a few months off to re-tool another shadow anti-union group is knocking on their members doors.

The group, known as New Choices NY, was caught knocking on doors in Guilderland NY. They were talking to teachers with a simple message, give yourself a raise this Christmas by opting out of your union.

While it is unclear if anyone actually listened to them, NYSUT was informed immediately about the canvassers. Within hours they had sent materials to their local unions informing them about the campaign, as well as providing materials that locals could send to their membership. These materials included a Q&A about New Choices NY as well as Do Not Knock poster and a Union Shield. Both of these posters can be printed off by union members and taped to your door to let New Choices NY know that you are sticking with your union. Below we have included the materials NYSUT created. Please feel free to share them with your colleagues and any union friends who might have their door knocked on.

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