Union Picnic & IBEW Youth Caucus

Don Daley's picture
by Don Daley on
Sep 19, 2013

Message from Don Daley, Business Manager:

Next week is the IBEW Third District Progress Meeting with a special focus on the IBEW Youth Caucus. 1049 has a Youth Caucus so we developed a new page on our website highlighting one of our newest and promising committee's. I want to once again invite all members aged 35 or younger to sign up and get involved. This Sunday on UCOMM Radio, 1049 Organizer Bill O'Leary talks about the Youth Caucus and how 1049 is working with our younger members to educate them on the history of the Labor Movement highlighting education and community involvement using social media to open eyes to the benefits of Union Labor and our important involvement in social movements. I look forward to seeing everybody this Saturday at our first annual IBEW 1049 Family Picnic. It is going to be a great time and we are all looking forward to it. Hundreds are expected and there is still time for you to RSVP at Local1049Picnic@gmail.com. Continue to work hard and stay focused through this PSE&G transition period. Hurricane season is upon us and our busy season is approaching.

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