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Unions necessary for community

A new study shows that unions are not only needed but necessary for a community to thrive.

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Oct 29, 2015

Four researchers — Richard Freeman at the National Bureau of Economic Research, Eunice Han at Wellesley College, and David Madland and Brendan V. Duke at the Center for American Progress — suggest that labor unions may not only be needed but may be necessary to achieve high levels of intergenerational mobility and middle class membership.

 The study, shows that parent’s unionism has a significant impact on their children’s wellbeing.  The researchers found that the fall in union membership has correlated with the loss of the middle class. 

They also found that children who grew up in union households had better earnings, higher education and fewer health issues. 

Finally the study found that just by living in an area with high union density, your kids were better off due to the positions that unions advocate for like a higher minimum wage and increased education spending.


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