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UPS: Not on time for pilots

UPS Pilots may strike right before busy holiday season if they don't get a contract

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Nov 02, 2015

After 5 years of negotiations, pilots who fly for UPS have voted to strike.  The pilots who are members of the Independent Pilots Association, could walk out during the holiday season if UPS can’t get their act together on a real contract. 

"UPS promises its customers on-time delivery, but after four years of labor negotiations, the company has failed to deliver a contract for its own pilots," said the IPA’s President.  The union and the company have been at odds over wages and retirement benefits for cargo pilots since 2011.  IPA said after the vote that they will request a release from federal mediation so that the workers are allowed to walk out. 

After the vote the Teamsters, who represent 250,000 UPS drivers, announced that they would honor the pilot’s picket lines, should they go on strike.  This would mean that Teamsters would refuse to pick up or deliver to locations that the pilots’ have an active picket line.

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