Welcome New Chief Stewards

Mia Jorgenson's picture
Oct 22, 2012

Message from Mia Jorgensen: This fall brings many new changes. Please welcome Allison Locke our newly appointed Chief Steward at Stony Brook and Yuanzhen Wang our newly appointed Chief Steward of the Colleges. Elections will be held for the permanent position of these Chief Steward positions in the next month. Please contact your local representatives for more information on these elections. Please note that the deadline to enroll in the Dependent Care Advantage Account is approaching. At our most recent meeting with work life services it was revealed that we are NOT eligible for the employer contribution. If you have dependents please do not miss out on the Open Enrollment Period for the Dependent Care Advantage Account! Open Enrollment begins October 9 and continues through November 9, 2012 for the 2013 Plan Year. If you have to pay for child care, elder care, or disabled dependent care in order to go to work, enrolling in the DCA Account is a way for you to keep MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! Each year, your family may set aside up to $5,000 from your paycheck TAX-FREE to pay for those expenses.

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