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Writer's Guild East in Court

WGA East will have its day in court over ITV bargaining in bad faith.

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Dec 06, 2015

An ongoing fight between the Writer’s Guild of America East and ITV, one of the largest producers of non-fiction television, will have its day in court. 

The case results from the NLRB determining that ITV violated its duty to bargain in good faith with the WGAE, unlawfully implemented the health plan and illegally dropped a monthly stipend the company had been paying to the union-represented employees. ITV’s back pay liability could exceed $100K, the guild said. 

ITV produces such shows as NBC variety series Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris, A&E’s The First 48 and TLC’s Four Weddings.  Last month the Writers Guild won a union election at ITV subsidiary Leftfield Entertainment, which produces Pawn Stars and The Real Housewives.  The case is scheduled to be heard January 11th.

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