by Brian Young | on Jan 22, 2019

Deal Reached for LA Teachers

After a week on strike, the second largest school district in America has reached a tentative agreement.

by Guest Post | on Jan 15, 2019

Ironing Out Sexual Harrassment

ENR named Iron Workers (IW) general organizer for safety and diversity Vicki O'Leary a 2018 top 25 newsmaker. The honor is in recognition of her groundbreaking work through the organization's...

by Press and Media | on Jan 15, 2019

Substitute Teachers Not Crossing LA Pickets

It is Day 2 of the LA Teachers strike and it's not only full-time teachers that are walking the picket line. They were joined by substitute teachers, many of whom were asked to scab and fill in...

by Brian Young | on Jan 14, 2019

30,000 LA Teachers Strike

Facing a driving rain, teachers in Los Angeles arrived at school this morning prepared to make history. Instead of entering into their buildings and classrooms, the union educators set up picket...

by Brian Young | on Jan 09, 2019

Support LA Teachers, Wear Red

If you drop your kids off at school on Thursday, January 10th take a look at what color the teachers are wearing. If they are wearing red, then you know that they support working people. This is...

by Brian Young | on Jan 03, 2019

Organizing Victories for Teachers and Retail Clerks

2019 is here, and employees at these four workplaces will begin negotiating their first collective bargaining agreements thanks to their recent union votes.

by Ashley Blom | on Jan 02, 2019

20 States Increase their Minimum Wage

Over 17 million people will be ringing in the new year with a pay raise. Thanks to legislation, ballot measures and inflation rates will be increased in 2019. As of January 1st, at least nineteen...

by Brian Young | on Dec 21, 2018

Union Busters Going Door to Door

Six months after the Janus decision, public sector unions from around the country have said that a strong organizing campaign caused them lose very few members. In New York, the New York State United...

by Guest Post | on Dec 19, 2018

The Red Cross are Teamsters

This post was written by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Mobile blood collections staff at the American Red Cross in St. Louis, Missouri, voted 32-1 yesterday to become members of...

by AFL-CIO | on Dec 17, 2018

Union ArcAngels: Unions Giving Back

This post was written by the PA AFL-CIO. There are 236 union ArcAngels in Lancaster County this year. Since 2004, the Lancaster County Central Labor Council has taken part in the ArcAngels program...