by Press and Media | on Dec 14, 2018

Walmart and Target Selling Poisonous Toys

The New York Attorney General is suing Walmart, Target and LaRose Industries for selling wristbands to kids that had lead levels significantly higher than allowed. Read more from the AP.

by Brian Young | on Dec 13, 2018

Elon Musk Accuses UAW of Drumming Up Safety Issue

On Sunday, Tesla founder Elon Musk was on 60 Minutes to discuss Tesla and the companies failure to meet manufacturing demands with the Model 3. During the interview, Lesley Stahl asked Musk about...

by Brian Young | on Dec 10, 2018

Organizing Victories in PA, Iowa, and Missouri

As wages fail to increase and more jobs seem to be sent overseas every day, workers are joining together and organizing. Today, we are focusing on three recent organizing victories in Pennsylvania,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Dec 07, 2018

A Tribute to Ed Hill: A Visionary

Back in 2014 UCOMM covered the NYC Labor Day Parade. That year, the Business Manager of Local 3 IBEW was the Grand Marshall and thousands of IBEW members marched in celebration of not just their...

by Press and Media | on Dec 04, 2018

Charter School Teachers Take Part in Historic Strike

Teachers at a charter school network in Chicago have gone on strike. The union teachers, who are members of the Chicago Teachers Union have taken a historic step as this is the first network-wide...

by Kris LaGrange | on Nov 27, 2018

Ousted GOP Congressman: Repeal Scaffold Law

Thanks to strong unions in New York, the construction industry faces some of the toughest safety and personal liability rules in the country. One such law that is unique to New York is called the...

by Daniel Hinton | on Nov 26, 2018

Columbia Reaches Contract Framework Agreement with Grad Students

The New York Times published an article on January 31st with the headline, “Columbia University Says It Won’t Bargain with Graduate Student Union.” Tuesday, less than 10 months...

by Labor 411 | on Nov 21, 2018

The 2018 Turkeys of the Year

This post was written by Labor 411. 2018 saw its share of bad players. As the stock market skyrocketed, the rich got richer while the marginalized continued to struggle to stay afloat. Attacks on...

by Brian Young | on Nov 19, 2018

No Job Growth for Trump Voters

Whenever Trump talks about the economy, he points to two things that indicate that the economy is going strong: record low unemployment and the rising stock market. While the low unemployment is good...

by Daniel Hinton | on Nov 13, 2018

Could Amazon's Move to NYC Turn the Company Union?

Like millions of people and businesses around the world, Amazon is planning a move to Queens, New York. Unlike everyone else, however, Amazon is the world’s largest Internet retailer owned by...