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by Mohammed Sarker | on Aug 14, 2019

Where are the Muslims in the Workforce?

On February 2017, President Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO and Canadian Labour Congress President Hassan Yussuff made a joint statement condemning Islamophobia. Even more interesting than the actual...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 08, 2019

The Labor Radio/Podcast Network

Across the country, labor communicators have launched their very own radio shows and podcasts. Some are still broadcast over the radio airways while others, like UCOMM Live, are available as podcasts...

by Brian Young | on Aug 30, 2017

Union Approval Hits 14 Year High

As the economy has been improving, the wage gap has been widening. With more and more economic inequality, unions have been making a comeback. UCOMM has previously reported how organizing drives are...

by Press and Media | on Jun 26, 2017

An unlikely big player in digital media: unions

This article by Gary Weiss originally appeared in The Columbia Journalism Review.  THE AXE FELL AT HUFFPOST the other day. The news site laid off dozens of staffers, in what has became a...

by Brian Young | on Apr 11, 2017

Mommy, can I join the union?

Texas has never been the most union friendly state, but a new proposed law may just be overkill. Minors in Texas may soon need to get parental consent to join a union after the bill passed the State...

by Kris LaGrange | on Feb 22, 2017

Steps on How to Organize a Union

Although every workplace is different and the needs of different workforces vary, there are some basic steps involved in organizing your union at work.  If you’re ready to begin organizing...

by Kate Hogan | on Jan 04, 2017

UCOMM Ed: Areawide Bargaining

Union terminology can at times be confusing. Some verbiage and terms are unique to union members and the more that we understand them, the more we know about the union world around us. One of...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 03, 2017

Curbing Workplace Rumors

The following is a communication put out by Gary Bonker, the elected Business Manager of IBEW Local 10 based in Binghamton NY. While it is specific to his local, we thought it would be good to share...

by Press and Media | on Aug 11, 2016

A leader since 12

This  interview with Bloomberg's Josh Eidelson and the  AFL-CIO's Rich Trumka originally appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek.After Ferguson [Mo.] cop Darren Wilson killed Michael...

by Labor 411 | on Aug 05, 2016

Union Made in the USA Back to School

School starts soon and that means it’s time to stuff those backpacks. Labor 411 has a great back-to-school list to get the learning started right! Shop with our School Supplies Checklist and...