by AFL-CIO | on Oct 29, 2018

A Landmark Organizing Win at United

After a five-week organizing election, catering workers at United Airlines have overwhelmingly voted to join UNITE HERE. After celebrating late last night, 2,700 United...

by Guest Post | on Oct 03, 2018

First Ever Hotel Strike in Boston

Over 1,500 Marriott hotel workers in Boston are on strike. They have traded in their mops, trays, and uniforms for picket signs and drums. Workers walked out at seven Marriott-operated hotels today,...

by Kris LaGrange | on Sep 19, 2018

Hotel Workers Strike in Chicago

Hotel workers in Chicago are entering their second week on strike. The members of UNITE HERE Local 1 work at 26 of the biggest hotels in Chicago.

by AFL-CIO | on Aug 16, 2018

Union Members Call For End to Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

On Wednesday, August 15th, thousands of union members from across the Labor Movement joined together in Philadelphia to mount the largest protest of its kind against Trump's policy of family...

by Kris LaGrange | on Aug 06, 2018

Rally for Cage-Free Children

Children are being ripped apart from their mothers and fathers only to be kept in cages like livestock. Their parents forcibly removed from the country and sent back to their gang ridden village in...

by Brian Young | on Jul 27, 2018

40% Raises for Disneyland Castmembers

Employees at the happiest place on Earth have a reason to smile today. That’s because Disneyland and their union, Master Services Council, have come to terms on a contract that will provide...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jun 05, 2018

35,000 Lose $1K in Wages because of Trump

In the Presidential election of 2016, 4.6 Million people in the red, right to work state known as Florida – the Sunshine State - voted for Trump. Even though we don't have the data, we can...

by Guest Post | on May 24, 2018

50,000 Could Go on Strike in Vegas

Members of UNITE HERE’s Culinary and Bartenders Unions have voted to authorize a citywide strike. 25,000 union members participated in two voting sessions throughout the day (May 22, 2018) and...

by AFL-CIO | on Apr 24, 2018

Over 13,000 People Became Union Members Last Week

This past week alone, more than 10,000 working people chose to join together in union for the freedom to negotiate a fair return on their hard work. From flight attendants to...

by Kate Hogan | on Oct 16, 2017

Stopping Sexual Harassment

Over the last few weeks, a spotlight has been shown on one of the worst and most underreported workplace violations, sexual harassment. While UCOMM covered the fallout from Fox’s Roger Ailes...