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by Kris LaGrange | on Jan 27, 2016

You Already Have The “Right-To-Work"

The Utility Workers Union of America sends out a communication called UWUA E-News, it goes out to their members from coast to coast with news from UWUA unions from across the country. UWUA Local 304...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jul 09, 2015

UCOMM Radio: Show 202 Highlights

On last week’s show we had the Utility Worker Union of America Local 1-2 president in studio Jimmy Slevin. It was an interesting interview because we not only went into the anniversary of the...

by Noel Christmas | on Jul 22, 2014

UWUA 601 Organizing Elizabeth Town Gas Call Center

Pictured above is our National Director of Organizing, Robert Houser along with 601 members Jessica Francis-Wright, Victoria Rivera and 601 staffer Patricia Atkins. Local 601 is actively trying to...