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News From: Wage Theft

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by Guest Post | on Oct 25, 2016

Combating Wage Theft

Good Jobs Nation has a proven track record of helping federal contract workers fight wage theft at the U.S. Senate, Pentagon and other landmark buildings in our nation’s capital.Since 2013, our...

by Press and Media | on Oct 03, 2016

Labor trafficking in Minnesota

The Advocates for Human Rights released a report that found Minnesota had an increasing number of cases of labor trafficking. As this crime often targets: homeless and missing people, undocumented...

by Press and Media | on Sep 06, 2016

Making it worth it

Some 10,000 current and former Chipotle workers have sued the company, alleging they were made to work extra hours "off the clock" without pay.Specifically, the suit alleges that Chipotle...

by Workers Indepen... | on Jan 05, 2016

Largest prevailing wage settlement in history

Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries has won the largest prevailing wage settlement for workers in its 112 year history. Roughly 325 workers who built dining and residence halls at Southern...

by Brian Young | on Jul 17, 2015

Busted in Da Bronx!

On Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced the first arrest of a fast food franchise over stolen wages.  Abdul Jamil Khokhar, an owner of 9 Papa John’s in the Bronx, was...

by Kris LaGrange | on Jul 05, 2015

A wage theft in Connecticut

For many businesses, stealing workers’ wages makes good sense.  Most times they don’t get caught and if they do, they only have to pay back what they owe.  Connecticut has...

by Press and Media | on Mar 06, 2015

Papa John's forced to pay $2.1 Million to Workers

Papa John’s lost another lawsuit this week, this time for $2.1 Million in unpaid wages.  As part of NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s campaign against Papa John’s  ...