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News From: Workers united

by Brian Young | on Jan 03, 2019

Organizing Victories for Teachers and Retail Clerks

2019 is here, and employees at these four workplaces will begin negotiating their first collective bargaining agreements thanks to their recent union votes.

by Labor 411 | on Apr 19, 2017

MLB uniforms to stay in PA

As the World Baseball Classic demonstrated, Major League Baseball may continue to branch out internationally and reach markets all over the globe, but the jerseys are all-American.  Whether...

by Guest Post | on Feb 16, 2017

The Jackson Project

This article was written by Art Menius and is being reprinted with the Authors permission form The News & Observer. With a brown beard and long hair showing signs of gray, Phil Cohen fits the...

by Guest Post | on Oct 21, 2016

MLB uniforms union made

The Major League Baseball playoffs are in full swing and the World Series is fast approaching. It is a special time of year for baseball fans, and it is even more special for hundreds of Workers...

by Kate Hogan | on Aug 08, 2016

Showcasing the best of the USA

It’s been four years in the making, but the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are finally here. Before the thrilling competitions take place, and shiny new medals are awarded, over 10,500 athletes from...