News From: Workplace safety

by Press and Media | on May 09, 2017

Driving to work covered by Workers Comp

What is and isn’t covered under workman’s comp is outlined in this piece from the management side lawyers at JD Supra.

Dejian (Ken) Zeng Worked in an iPhone Factory in China to See How Workers Were Treated
by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 21, 2017

Hellish Life in the iphone Factory

Imagine 12 hour workdays, living on site, sweatiness, bad food that you have to pay for, sleep depravation and gettinging fired if you are a student or are pregnant. Thats the life of working in a...

by Kris LaGrange | on Apr 03, 2017

Don't be a Tick Head

With Spring here, the warm weather brings with it the hatching of some very hungry insects. A few of our clients have sent out notices to their members warning them of the dangers of working in...

by Press and Media | on Mar 20, 2017

Keep the record keeper!

Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to lessen safety standards and make it more dangerous to go to work.  The most recent attack on workers’ safety is a push to block...

by Kris LaGrange | on Mar 14, 2017

PLA's in Trouble in Texas

Across the country, Project Labor Agreements are under attack.  UCOMM recently covered attempts to repeal Project Labor Agreement (PLA’s) requirements in Kentucky, Wisconsin, and even...

by Gary Bonker | on Mar 07, 2017

Working safely and not doing too much

"Perfection it's not magic, but it's the art of doing things over and over and over." Philosopher DJ Kyos. The work we do for utilities can be very unforgiving.  We need...

by Brian Young | on Feb 06, 2017

When the Sheriff Obstructs Justice

At a jail, safety is the number one priority.  Everyone from the employees to the inmates are inspected and face restrictions on what they can and cannot bring into restricted areas.  At...

by Chris Erikson Jr. | on Feb 01, 2017

DeBlasio Allows Construction Deaths

Yesterday in lower Manhattan, tens of thousands of workers came together to collectively raise their voices outside of City Hall and the City Council Chambers in support of a package of bills aimed...

by AFL-CIO | on Jan 24, 2017

Protect the gains we made

Much has been made of President Trump’s sweeping comments and random tweets. But now that he’s been officially sworn in, the consequences for American workers are much more tangible....

by Brian Young | on Jan 18, 2017

"How many more must die!"

Over the last two years, construction in New York City has boomed. New skyscrapers are being built and the skyline in Manhattan and Brooklyn is changing.  With this building boom, there has come...